Having been in a career niche for 25 years, I assume that others understand what I do. When I meet people and tell them for the first time that I do supply chain management, I sometimes see a glazed look on their face. Only then do I realise that they don’t know about supply chain management. So here’s a short explanation.

Supply chain management is about the flow of materials from supplier, through the business and to the customer. It is about developing and deploying systems that ensure a business always has the right materials and finished product in the right place at the right time. When done well, the business will benefit in two ways.

  1. Maximised sales
  2. Minimised inventory

Nothing is ever truly free in business, but releasing cash tied up in inventory is as near to free cash as you’re going to find. Simultaneously maximising sales whilst reducing inventory can add £ millions to the bottom line of many companies. Where else are you going to find an investment that delivers that level of return?

I enjoy helping people and solving problems. The perfect job would be to combine what I enjoy with what I do well. That’s why I began to help businesses make their supply chains work better. I have helped companies to improve on time supply to customers to maximise sales. I’ve helped them to reduce inventory, freeing up cash and reducing warehousing costs.

So therein my short explanation on supply chain management is complete. I hope that this has sparked your interest to read on and learn more. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Andrew, Founder